What are baby sensory videos, do they work and how can I boost baby learning?

What are baby sensory videos, do they work and how can I boost baby learning?

Hey there, curious minds! Ever wondered how to make the most out of baby sensory videos for your little explorers? Well, good news! There's a whole world of learning waiting to be uncovered, and our guest blogger this week Sam from Lucky Baby Star is here to guide you through it.

What are baby sensory videos?

Baby sensory videos are specially designed to engage infants' senses, featuring colourful visuals, gentle movements and a range of music. These videos aim to stimulate little ones' developing senses of sight and hearing, while also introducing basic concepts in an entertaining and educational way. They can provide a calming and enriching experience for babies and toddlers, aiding in relaxation and promoting early development through engaging sensory exploration.

 What age is best for sensory videos? When to start baby sensory videos?

There will always be differing opinions on most aspects of parenting - whilst some advise against early exposure to TV for infants, access to sensory videos is, of course, at the discretion of parents and caregivers. However, if parents choose to incorporate sensory videos, the recommendation is to do so when babies begin to show interest in their surroundings. As with all forms of media exposure, moderation and interaction are key, ensuring babies have time for physical play, social interaction, and other developmental activities.

 How do baby sensory videos work?

Sensory videos engage infants by combining illustrations of friendly characters animated to move along to calming sounds or captivating music. These elements stimulate developing eyesight, enhance focus, and create a calming atmosphere. Overall, they aim to provide a positive, enriching experience for little ones, promoting early sensory development in an interactive and fun way.

Is it ok for baby to watch sensory videos - what are the benefits?

Baby sensory videos can promote the development of visual tracking skills through colourful visuals and dynamic movements, helping little ones learn to follow objects with their eyes. The videos can also encourage gross motor skills development, as babies may move in time with the music or try to reach for objects on screen.

Additionally, these videos introduce a multitude of topics to little ones, sparking curiosity and enhancing learning. We encourage parents and caregivers to use the themes in the videos as a springboard for further discussion and play, creating opportunities for interactive learning experiences that can be both enjoyable and educational for babies. We would not like to advise how long the videos should be watched, as each baby is different - it's best to observe and adjust based on the child's interest and engagement.

At Lucky Baby Star, we have been delighted to hear from parents that some of our videos have helped soothe their babies when teething, suffering from colic, or struggling in some way - when nothing else has made a difference. As parents ourselves, this feedback is something we are truly proud of, knowing how incredibly difficult the parenting journey can be and that our videos can provide comfort and relief for little ones, and their families, during challenging times

How you can boost learning with baby sensory videos?

Sitting together and chatting about what's unfolding on screen isn't just fun - it's a powerhouse for language development and building connections. Here are 9 ways you can amp up the engagement:

1) Describe and narrate: Dive into the action by describing colours, shapes, and movements as they unfold. Tell a tale or provide commentary using language that suits your child's age.

2) Ask questions: Hit pause and spark curiosity by asking questions like, "What's next?" or "Can you spot the yellow star?" It's a fantastic way to get those cognitive gears turning.

3) Sing-along: If there's music or rhymes in the mix, belt it out and invite your little one to join in. Clap, sway, or bounce along to the beat for extra fun!

Now, let's get interactive and bring the action to life:

4) Mimic actions: When your child sees something exciting, mirror the action and encourage them to join in. Whether it's clapping hands or waving, it's all about getting involved.

5) Puppet play: Grab those puppets or plushies and act out scenes from the video. It's not just about storytelling - it's a chance for your child to dive into a world of imagination and play.

6) Sensory props: Introduce props that tie into the video - think soft toys, textured objects, or musical instruments. Let your little one explore and interact, bridging the gap between screen time and real-world sensations.

And don't forget to get physical:

7) Point and name: Use the screen as a springboard for learning by pointing out objects and saying their names. It's a fantastic way to boost language skills and object recognition.

8) Mirror play: Set up a mirror and have fun with facial expressions and gestures from the video. It's a fantastic way to nurture social and emotional development while having a blast together.

9) Dance together: When the music kicks in, grab those hands and bust a move! Dancing together isn't just a ton of fun - it's a great way to bond, boost coordination, and hone those gross motor skills.

Remember, each little explorer is as unique as a fingerprint, so it's key to tailor these activities to fit their developmental stage and personal interests. Ready to embark on this sensory journey?

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the sensory fun with your little one today!

Where to watch baby sensory videos? Head over to the Lucky Baby Star channel to discover a treasure trove of captivating videos waiting to spark imagination and learning.

And for more exciting ideas and tips join our vibrant Sensory Play & Learning Facebook community. Plus, snag a free Space-themed colouring sheet to keep the fun going even offline! 🚀 Let's make learning an out-of-this-world adventure together!”



A preschool wonderland! Colour, fun & joyful learning - a sensory revolution for early development, one video at a time!

Lucky Baby Star’s videos feature delightful illustrations, cute characters and dynamic animation, together with uplifting music (that grown ups will love just as much as the little ones), to explore a broad range of topics.

With exciting space adventures, nature explorations, nutritious food celebrations and literacy/numeracy parties, plus many more themes, all videos are carefully designed to inspire, stimulate and promote early development, within an engaging and joyful experience.


Lucky Baby Star was launched in May 2023 by Brighton & Hove based illustrator, Samantha Welstead- Wood.

Sam's life-long passion for art began as soon as she was able to hold a crayon! She literally cannot remember a time when she wasn’t drawing. When studying illustration as an adult, Sam discovered a love of children’s illustration and created her first children’s book project.

When Sam became a mum herself she created paintings and prints for her new son to enjoy, which over time, evolved into a small business offering playful art prints and a wide range of eco-friendly gifts. Fast forward to the exciting launch of Lucky Baby Star...

“I am so thrilled to welcome you to the world of Lucky Baby Star! As a mum myself, I understand some of the challenges that come with being a new parent. That's why our videos are designed with loads of movement and vibrant colours, so your little one can focus on the joy of learning and having fun! Plus we know that lots of sleep-deprived parents are absolutely sick of “Wheels on the Bus” etc. and miss listening to good tunes - so the music in our videos is chosen carefully so the grown-ups love it as much as the kids! Ultimately my goal is to support families, inspire your child and boost their development every step of the way.”


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